We shape our
there after they shape us

Architecture is basically a container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea.

About Us

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Babel is an independent and leading Egyptian full-service architectural
practice firm. It works throughout Egypt, KSA, Africa, Kuwait, Turkey,
and the Middle East. We provides you with a broad range of building types
for cultural, mixed-use, academic, healthcare, residential and commercial
property by applying its knowledge of design, construction procedures,
zoning regulations, building codes and building materials.
In the last nine years, we have designed more than 4 million square feet of completed spaces.

“ Build your architecture from what is beneath your feet.​ ”



La Verde Compound

November 2018

Inspired from the Spanish Culture, La Verde is “The Green” in Spanish. This project is spread over 35 acres. Where you are in the middle of 78% of green landscapes integrated with modern Andalusian Architecture.

Al Shiekh Adnan's Palace

March 2014

In the middle of Jeddah, Al Sheikh Adnan Koshik took this palace as a Private villa residence. This Palace is spread over 12000 square meters. The challenge was to provide the client requirements while taking in consideration the harsh weather conditions of the area

Al Maadi Tower

March 2018

Maadi Towers is a significant name, since literally, the tower’s eye are looking at a part from heaven, The Nile.
Oyoon Al Gana is located in the most beautiful place in Cairo, which is considered the heart of the city. It views a fascinating landscape. 

“Building your own home is about
desire, fantasy. But it’s achievable
anyone can do it.”



2010 - Current

  1. The Beginning

    Just our start

    Abd Al Mageed Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Center Point Park | Cairo, Egypt
    Selfie Studio | Cairo, Egypt
    Green Vally School | Cairo, Egypt
    Eng Fouaad Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Abd Al Mageed Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Faculty Of Education | Najran, KSA
    Anwar Moog El Khaleej Head Office | Jeddah, KSA
    Al Mansour Complex | Riyadh, KSA

  2. Our First Interior Project

    Kidzona Kids Club

    Kidzona Kids Club | Cairo, Egypt
    Shobra Coplex Tower | Cairo, Egypt
    Dr Ahmed office | Cairo, Egypt
    Al Zomor Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Al Sherbeny Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Mr Lotfy Villa | Cairo, Egypt
    Faculty Of Dentist | Najran, KSA
    EUD International School | Alexandria, Egypt
    Al Rowad School | Jeddah, KSA

  3. Designs our first major Urban Project in Saudi Arabia

    Al Sharaa City

    Court & Community Center | Bani Swief, Egypt
    Al Hayah Clinics | Cairo, Egypt
    Residential Building #33 | 6th October, Egypt
    Al Sharaa’ City | Mecca, KSA
    Al Kolyba City Gate | Al Kolyba, KSA
    Aseer Muesiem | Riyadh, KSA
    Mena Compound | Riyadh, KSA
    Al Salhaa Complex Tower | Riyadh, KSA
    Saudi Consult Head Office | Riyadh, KSA
    FAG Storage | Kuwait, Kuwait

  4. Expanding Team

    Full-time staff grows to 10 employees.

    Kites Co. Head Office | Cairo, Egypt
    Marrai Resort | Matrouh, Egypt
    Al Hamraa’ | Mecca, KSA
    Ministry of Civil Services | Riyadh, KSA
    Makadi Resort | Hurghada, Egypt
    Mansour Al Omran Office Building | Jeddah, KSA
    Al Hasoon Complex Tower | Riyadh, KSA
    Adnan MBH Building | Jeddah, KSA
    Head Office for Data Link Co. | Riyadh, KSA

  5. Opening Riyadh Branch

    First abroad branch

    Arabian Hawaii Resort | North Coast, Egypt
    Al Katamia Int. Hosbital | Cairo, Egypt
    Al Andalusia | 6th October, Egypt
    Private Flat | Jeddah, KSA
    Al Shaikh Adnan Palace | Jeddah, KSA
    The Ministry of Municipal Affairs | Riyadh, KSA
    Al Thepety Hotel Enterance | Riyadh, KSA

  6. Starting in Kuwait

    khaldia Project

    Al Masah Int. Conference | New Capital, Egypt
    Int. Rehabitation | Al Galala Mountain, Egypt
    Int. Rehabitation | Alexandria, Egypt
    Tanta Spourting Club | Tanta, Egypt
    Al Tahrir Hotel Entrance | Cairo, Egypt
    Mero City Mall | Badr City, Egypt
    Al Swaisy Villa | Al Shrouq, Egypt
    Khaldia Parking | Kuwait, Kuwait
    Dolphin House Resort | Nuweiba, Egypt
    Castelo Mall | Nuweiba, Egypt
    The House Cafe’ | Cairo, Egypt

  7. Year of Inspiration

    New Vision

    Al Badr City | Riyadh, KSA
    Sedra House | Jeddah, KSA
    Al Matwei Hotel | Doha, Qatar
    General Mohamed’s Villa | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    E Yasser’s Villa | Al Shrouq City, Egypt
    Hawaii Blue Bay Resort | North Coast, Egypt
    Al Adham Tower | Doha, Qatar
    Residential Building #62 | Doha, Qatar
    Al Brouj Compound | Istanbul, Turkey
    Al Mona Villa | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Atam Hotel | Khartoum, Sudan
    E Ahmed Amin Villa | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Al Shamasy for bags | Riyadh, KSA
    Mr Mohamed Al Sherif Villa | Riyadh, KSA
    Mrs Hala Mahran Villa | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Nile Production Studio | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Al Sharaa’ City | Mecca, KSA

  8. Opening Istanbul Branch

    Second abroad project

    Lawyer Office | Obour City, Egypt
    Telal Al khamis Phase 02 | Abha, KSA
    Private Villa | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Private Flat | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Telal Al khamis Phase 01 | Abha, KSA
    Madinaty Project | Al Goled, Sudan
    Sedra House Interiors | Jeddah, KSA
    Oman Oil | Riyadh, KSA
    Al Moroj City | Yalova, Turkey
    Karnak Compound
    | Obour City, Egypt
    MOI Sporting Club | 5th Settlement, Egypt

  9. Re-branding to Babel


    La Verde | New Capital, Egypt
    Al Mona | Muscat, Oman
    Sharma Hotel | Jeddah, KSA
    Skating Yard | 5th Settlement, Egypt
    Mohandeseen Flat | Cairo, Egypt
    Maadi Tower | Cairo, Egypt
    Private Palace | Muscat, Oman
    Al Nakheel Compound | Mecca, KSA

  10. Present

    Working Projects

    La Verde | New Capital, Egypt
    Yaoundé Tower | Yaoundé, Cameroon
    Jeddahh Hotel | Jeddah, KSA
    Scarta | New Capital, Egypt
    Gsour Head-office | Istanbul, Turkey

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